Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know what size mattress to buy for my camper or RV?

To make sure you buy the right size mattress you should refer to our Mattress Measuring page. This page will correctly explain to you on how to take multiple measurements to ensure you make the correct purchase.


Which mattress is right for me?

We do realize that purchasing online can make it difficult to decide what you need. That is why we have limited your options by only offering a few different mattresses. Our Premier line has been designed to be similar to your mattress that’s probably in your camper or RV now. It’s a basic low cost design made from quality materials. Our Ultra Comfort line is designed to give you the best of both worlds, a soft yet firm sleeping surface made with some of the best materials available to us today.


How will the mattress be shipped to me?

Please refer to our Shipping page.


Why do I see other sites that sell there mattresses rolled for easier shipping?

In order to roll a mattress for shipping you have to remove the boarder wire. This is not a highly suggested manner of constructing a mattress. The boarder wire does serve a very function operation in giving the mattress rigid design and keeping the sides of the mattress from collapsing easily. That is why we ship our mattresses flat with a complete boarder wire on both sides of the mattress.


Do you have a location where I could pick up my mattress?

Yes, our parent company Page Bedding Company is located in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. You are more than welcome to pick up the mattress at this location. Contact us before via email before purchasing your order online so we can schedule a pick up date.


Do you make other sizes that what you have listed on your website?

Yes we have many different size innersprings available to us. This sizes you see listed are just some of the most popular. Also we can make custom size mattress to any specification you need. Please Contact Us for further information.


Will my mattress have a warranty?

All products sold on come with a 1 YEAR FULL Warranty against Manufacturing Defects. We are not responsible for measuring errors on the customers part.


How would you compare the quality of your mattresses to the name brand mattresses on the market today?

Our mattresses are constructed with some of the exact same products used in all name brand mattresses on the market today. You save money because we are the manufacturer. You’re shopping without paying middleman.


What’s wrong with buying a mattress from my local sleep shop for in my camper or RV?

One major problem with trying to shop at a local sleep shop is that a lot of times you have a special size mattress in your camper that isn’t used in home bedding. The metal coil or innerspring construction is the same they just aren’t available in the right sizes. Also you can’t use a box spring in a camper or RV. Most mattresses available in a specialty sleep shop are designed to be used with the specific box spring they show it on the floor with. All of our mattresses are designed with the idea of no box spring being used at all.
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